How Much Should You Be Spending on a Pair of Wireless Speakers?

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There are now literally thousands of different types of wireless speakers on the market. They all differ in their shape, their performance and also of course in their price tag. So how much should you spend? With the holiday season coming up you certainly don’t want to disappoint your loved one by purchasing something which is poor quality in order to save some money. At the same time you don’t want to overspend. So let’s find out how much you should really be spending in order to get a decent pair of speakers.

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First of all, you’ll need to figure out what you will be using the speakers for. There thousands of different wireless speaker types out there. Probably one of the most common type of speakers is Bluetooth. Bluetooth speakers are quite popular because they are very inexpensive and can sync up with any mobile device. In other words, you don’t need a separate transmitter unit. The speakers will pick up the signal which is being sent by any cell phone or tablet supporting Bluetooth. Therefore, the speakers are ideal as portable speakers. In addition, the usually can run from batteries and thus don’t need to be plugged into power. So if your main objective is to have some speakers for outdoors or for when you are traveling then Bluetooth speakers are probably with taking a closer look.

Entry-level of models of Bluetooth speakers are available starting at less than $20. However, these types of speakers are usually quite small and don’t have very good sound quality. Instead, if you really are set on Bluetooth, I would recommend purchasing some speakers that cost around $100. The speakers usually have decent enough sound and still are able to connect via Bluetooth. However, keep in mind that Bluetooth speakers have fairly limited wireless range. So if you’re looking to transmit a signal to another room then Bluetooth is probably not an option. Instead, you might want to take a look at different types of wireless speakers such as Wi-Fi speakers. Wi-Fi speakers usually have better range and sound quality then Bluetooth speakers. However, they require that you install an application before you can use them. There different protocols which use Wi-Fi which are not very well standardized.

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Apple has launched a protocol called AirPlay. However, note that usually only Apple portable devices are able to stream using that protocol. A safer bet would be to purchase a pair of speakers which uses a proprietary transmitter. This transmitter would usually be part of the speaker package. The advantage is that you are not restricted to what type of device you can use to stream audio. The drawback, however, is the fact that you have a transmitter that you need to set up.